Land Surveying Services

The experts at Bull Moose Surveying are the trusted land surveyors and boundary surveyors for commercial businesses and private homeowners alike in Wasilla, Alaska. Bull Moose Surveying provides fast and accurate lot and topographic surveys to our local customers, giving them peace of mind that they know the exact location of their property lines and boundaries.

Many of our residential customers have never worked with a land surveyor or boundary surveyor before, but often find themselves in need of a property survey before they plan to make a change to the property or near the lot boundary, such as building a structure or adding an addition to an existing dwelling. Before building a fence or clearing and cutting trees it would be prudent to have your property boundaries defined by a field survey. As an experienced and trusted Wasilla, Alaska, professional land surveyor, Bull Moose Surveying helps homeowners get clear information about where their property ends and their neighbors’ property begins. We will walk you through every step in the land surveying process so you can feel confident in the accuracy of our work.

For our commercial customers looking to build on a new site or add on to an existing building, our lot surveys can provide all of the boundary information to consider when planning new construction. We have been helping businesses in the Wasilla and the surrounding areas with their property survey needs for decades, and we take pride in our ability to provide timely professional land surveying services.

If you’re in need of surveying services in the Wasilla region, call Alaska’s Bull Moose Surveying at 907-357-6957 for any of the following services today:

  • Boundary Surveys
  • GPS
  • Lot Surveys and As-Builts
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Subdivisions
  • Construction Staking