Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the soonest you can do my survey?

A: Field work time frame can range from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the time of year. If you need it by a specific date, sooner than this time frame, there may be a rush fee.

Q: What is an asbuilt?

A: An asbuilt survey, typically ordered by a money lender or title insurer, is a descriptive drawing that represents the actual structure of a building project. In this type of survey, we search for most of the property corners, and then measure the size and location of all permanent structures, including houses, sheds, fences, septic pipes, wells, etc. After the field work is complete, we produce a detailed drawing of your lot and the permanent structures, in the office. Keep in mind that asbuilt surveys are not intended to be used as reference for new construction, and are also subject to copyright law. Using an out-dated asbuilt is against the law.

Q: How much does an asbuilt cost?

A: Typically an asbuilt costs $650-$850 for a one acre lot in a modern subdivision. For older subdivisions and larger properties, it could be more than $850, and we will need your address and/or legal description to give you a quote. The cost fully depends on the size of property, complexity of buildings on the property, fences, etc.

For example: a 1 acre lot with a finished new construction home, with just a house, driveway, well and septic is completely different than a 10 acre parcel that was created from aliquot parts with 10 out buildings and 2 wells and septics.

Q: What is a lot survey?

A: A lot survey identifies a property’s boundary lines and corners. We search for all of the property corners, reset any missing corners with rebar, and set wooden lath with pink flagging. If most or all of your corners are missing, we have to survey adjacent properties to find monumentation to then mathematically reset your corners. Once we’ve established the corners we set wooden lath with orange flagging along the property lines. Easements and right of ways can also be marked upon request. After the field work is done, we can produce a drawing of your lot for your records.

Q: How much does a lot survey cost?

A: Cost can vary depending on size, age of original survey, and if your property corners are undisturbed. Typical price range for a 1 acre lot in the Palmer-Wasilla area can range from $700-$1,000, sometimes even more based on the age of the subdivision.

Q: What if I know where my property corners are? Will the survey be cheaper?

A: The cost of the survey is based on time and material. Although it is helpful if you can show us where your property corners are, we still need to verify that the property corners are where they are supposed to be as per the recorded document that created the property.